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Discuss biological the role of dopamine in substance abuse

Discuss biological the role of dopamine in substance abuse

Scenario #1:

Temptation related to food choices is a struggle for many people. Andrea grew up in a southern home where comfort foods such as fried chicken, mashed potatoes, ice cream, home baked pies, etc. were the norm, and her family often celebrated birthdays, promotions, and special events with large meals. She never really considered herself overweight until a couple of years ago. She had moved away from home 4 years earlier, to attend college out of state. She didn’t know anyone at her new college, and was a little shy by nature. After her first year in school she had put on her “Freshman Fifteen” (pounds). By the end of her sophomore year she had gained another 10 pounds and still another 10 pounds by the end of her junior year. After several failed diets, Amanda noticed that she had a tendency to eat more when she was stressed out before exams, and craved sugary or fatty foods when she was feeling lonely or depressed.

  • Describe overeating from the following perspectives:
    • Glucostatic model
    • Lipostatic model
    • Set point theory
    • The relationship between the environment and self-regulatory influences of overeating, including psychological needs.
  • How does restraint release explain why so many people fail at diets?

Scenario #2:

Joe was an only child raised by his single mother since the age of 4. After serving 21 years in the Marines, and experiencing a second divorce, Joe decided to retire and move back to his home state to be closer to his mom, who had been diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Within a year of moving back to his home state, his mother passed away. Joe had symptoms of PTSD prior to his retirement from the Marines, but had always prided himself as “being able to handle anything that came his way” and considered it a sign of “weakness” among his Marines if they sought counseling for anything. After his mother passed away, rather than seeking counseling, he started hanging around some people he met at a bar close to the recruiting office. Before he realized it he was going out drinking every night, averaging several beers and mixed drinks per night, having several one night stands a month, and getting arrested for a DUI. Incredibly, he was still able to make it to work on time although his behavior at work was erratic, explosive, and openly aggressive towards several people that he was convinced were out to get him. His boss was aware of the issues with the other employees but relied upon Joey to go out into the field. However, when he learned of his DUI, he finally pulled Joey aside and warned him that if his behavior did not improve he would be fired.

  • Discuss biological the role of dopamine in substance abuse.
  • Discuss the contributing role of thwarted psychological needs on stress and increased likelihood of substance abuse.
  • Identify the psychological needs that were being thwarted in Joe’s case and explain why you believe this to be the case.
  • Describe how motivational theories can be used in recovery.

Keep the following points in mind when working in the discussion forums:

  • Postings should display originality in thought and insightful synthesis.
  • Postings should demonstrate understanding of key concepts.
  • Responses should be original and stimulate discussion.
  • Remember to properly cite and reference your sources in APA format.

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