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SOLVED!! Identify 2 group therapies in which you desire to participate or might find yourself conducting

Identify 2 group therapies in which you desire to participate or might find yourself conducting. Briefly discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Sample Answer

Psychiatric Group Therapy

Group therapy is vital in prevention and treatment of various disorders. It can play a role in treatment of inpatient, outpatient and partial hospitalization settings. There are various types of group therapies such as: self-help groups, Interpersonal group psychotherapy, cognitive therapy addiction groups and modified dynamic group therapy.

Cognitive therapy addiction groups (CTAGs) is an increasingly important form of group therapy for addiction based on the principles of cognitive therapy. Cognitive therapy addiction address understanding and changing cognitive processes about addiction (Liese et al., 2002).Cognitive processes include myriad mental activities, which interact with affective, environmental, physiological and developmental processes resulting in addictive behavior. The working of the cognitive model is reviewed in each group session by the group facilitator focusing on its relationship to the difficulties and addictive processes of members. The group facilitator takes the role in suggesting goals for members and the group members learn on how maladaptive thinking leads to addiction. The focus is in helping members control their thought processes and addictive behaviors. It is suggested that members attend sessions at least weekly and are encouraged to attend even after extended period of abstinence (Liese and Najavits, 1997).

Interpersonal group psychotherapy (IGP) is based on the understanding that interpersonal relations are necessary to regulate all aspects of living. It is greatly influenced by Yalom’s model of interactional group psychotherapy and other contributions (Flores, 1997; Ormont, 1992; Yalom, 1995); it focuses on the here-and-now in the group, an establishment of group cohesion and therapeutic norms, and the interaction between members with an active approach taken by group leader and a decreased emphasis on the group as a well perspective. It helps members focus on abstinence and encourages involvement in complementary 12-step programs. Encourages members to share their victories freely and setbacks in a safe and supportive way.

Cognitive therapy has its own weaknesses and strength. On strength, it can be effective as medication in treatment of some mental health disorders and may be helpful in cases where medication alone has failed. As individuals meet with one another, it motivates them rather than an individual who is alone under medication. Strength is that the skills taught are useful, practical  and helpful to strategies that can be incorporated into everyday life to help cope better with future stresses and difficulties, even after the treatment has finished. On weakness is that for one to benefit from it, one need to commit self to the process. This is because a therapist will play his role but it is the responsibility of the individual to cooperate. It also does not address the wider problems in the systems rather focuses on the individual capacity.

The strength of interpersonal is that it addresses issues of grief  and difficulties effectively,  that patient may be experiencing in his or her relationships with family members and friends, it makes the clients to effectively manage their depression by making necessary adjustments in their interpersonal interactions .Its weakness is that it is dependent upon the patient completion of the 12-16 weeks course of treatment ,when a patient drops out of the therapy prior to completion of the recommended number of the therapy sessions and homework assignments, the possibility of finding lasting relief from depressive symptoms is low.


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